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Today I’m going to share with you a simple unschool definition.

Stick around until the end of this post for special invitations that I have for you and your family that will help your homeschool or unschool replace standardized math and science education drudgery for learning fun.

Watch my video about what unschooling is below.

Check out my video giving a simple unschool definition.

A Simple Unschool Definition

Unschooling, is child self-directed learning according to their interests, with parents and adults as mentors, resource providers, and facilitators for the unschooled child.

Let’s break this definition down for a deeper and more thorough understanding.

What’s the Parent’s Roll in Unschooling Their Child?


What is the difference between homeschool and unschool?

What are the main differences and similarities between homeschool and unschool?

Is there such a thing as an unschool curriculum?

Check out the video for this post below!

I’m going to share with you the main differences and one similarity between homeschool vs unschool and help you figure out which one is better for your family.

Stick around and read until the end of this post for special invitations that I have for you and your family that will help your homeschool replace standardized education drudgery for math and science learning fun.

Homeschoolers Nadia and Ursa enjoying an aquatic hike during our unschool program, Heathcote Art and…

Hi, I’m Gloria Brooks, founder of NatureGlo’s eScience, offering online math enrichment, known as MathArt, and natural science online courses for kids 8 and up.

You can check out the video of this post below.

Let’s jump in now!

Every time I teach or facilitate homeschool science either in-person or online now, I do something I call “Every Science Resource INCLUDING the Kitchen Sink”.

We can imagine that a child would LOVE to experiment with buoyancy in the kitchen sink using this boat.

Notice the emphasis on “INCLUDING” the kitchen sink. This is because when learning homeschool science outside of…

Walking Away From Traditional Science Education Demands Into The Land Of Inspirational Science Learning FREEDOM

What if you could feel fine and even relaxed about dropping the traditional science textbooks in your homeschool? No guilt. It can be just you and your family simply using richly illustrated yet scholarly science library books, or online science virtual library eBooks.

I can show you step-by-step now on how to liberate your homeschool science.

Have a look at my video sharing simple, easy steps you can follow liberating your homeschool science below.

What would it look like to relieve your family from burdensome, unwanted science curriculum?

See it. Feel it.

Finally, experience the full freedom, joy, and right to learn science their way with your natural born, innately curious kiddos.

The First And Last Time I Was Fired

I had it! I was so sick and tired of marching to every whim of my principals in all the various private schools I had worked at since 1996 as an elementary and middle school science and math teacher. I had SOME teaching liberties unheard of in public school, yes, but it just wasn’t enough for my students and I.

Watch the video version of this post on my YouTube channel, NatureGlo’s eScience.

Why do schools hire teachers in the first place if they don’t trust them enough to do their job their way, (which became for me) following the…

Today I’m sharing a great free homeschool and unschool math resource you probably haven’t heard of yet, the Fractions Intro Interactive Simulation by PhET. PhET (no that’s not a typo) is a Colorado based math and science virtual simulation company. They have some phenomenal math and science virtual interactive simulation resources you’ll definitely want to add to your homeschool math toolbox for years to come!

Why use a fractions interactive simulation? So many homeschool math kids struggle to learn fractions! I see it over and over again. Fractions are one of the main math learning sticking points in elementary and…

Hey, when you were in grade school did any of your teachers pull out those fun geoboards during math class? If you’re not even sure what geoboards are, no worries. I’ve got you covered on this one.

Check out this brand new video I created recently showing your homeschool a comparison between the top TWO FREE virtual geoboards.

Casually invite your kids to explore and play with them in your homeschool math. I’ll share why shortly. Oh! And messing around with geoboards is great for all ages of kids…even adults too! Wink, wink!

What are geoboards and what are…

Have you seen my new video, Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math? If you already use Charlotte Mason math and wish you could explore unschooling or already unschool and sometimes wish for a bit more structure, on either side of the coin, I think you’re going to enjoy this video and get some new pointers, interesting historical background, and more.

Click here and watch Charlotte Mason Math Vs. Unschool Math.

Homeschool math is the #1 monkey wrench or stickler for so many homeschoolers. What if you could have a more creative out of the curriculum box slant on math…

Happiest of springs!

It’s that time of year when homeschoolers are starting to look towards the finish line or at least adopt a slower pace as the warmer months come upon us (if you homeschool year round). You may be wondering what on earth you can do with your current math curriculum when your child may have their eyeballs distracted from math lessons and pealed on the sun beaming through the windows.

Click here and watch the video I did about unschooling math using John Holts book, How Children Learn.

What if you and your kids could just have your…

Are you winter weary of the math curriculum blues? Have you thought more than once about switching up curriculum for math in hopes that it would inspire your kids to throw a party everytime they do math instead of water logging their latest math workbook with their tears?

Have I got a fun homeschool math style comparison that you don’t see everyday and don’t want to miss!

CLICK HERE and see the video I just posted comparing Classical Education math WITH Unschool Math!

I’m super excited to show you this unique homeschool math curriculum comparison!

Back in 1999, I…

Gloria Brooks

I help homeschool parents and teachers reform education by transitioning to nature-based student centered education with math and natural science courses.

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