How to Create A Homeschool Unit Study with Family Discussion

How You Don’t Have To Be A Veteran Homeschooler To Finally Ditch Unwanted Curriculum and Successfully Do Unit Studies with The Help of NatureGlo’s Unit Study Planner BUNDLE.



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How to Create A Unit Study With Family Discussion

Unit Study Definition

A unit study is a focused topical study of high child interest that connects multiple subjects all relating back to the main topic.

How to Create A Homeschool Unit Study in 5 Easy Steps

  1. >>Run a Unit Study family discussion<< (WE ARE HERE!)
  2. Plan & schedule
  3. Research & gather resources
  4. Look for core subject connections (mat, history, language arts, etc.)
  5. Record learning journey

Through Discussion, Get the Child’s Unit Study Input

  • Start with child’s unit study interest choices
  • Break out of adult-led learning mentality left over from public education
  • Collaborate & democratize learning and education

Why Discuss and Get Child’s Unit Study Input?

  • Gets them pumped & excited to learn topic
  • Helps them take responsibility for their own education.

Step #1: Run A Homeschool Family Unit Study Brainstorming Discussion Meeting

  • Call A Family Meeting
  • Bring a unit study journal for brainstorming (You can use NatureGlo’s Unit Study journal template)
  • Serve a drink (tea?) with snacks
  • Ask kids what topic or topics they’d like to study

Step #2 — Brainstorm and Record Unit Study Topics Using NatureGlo’s Unit Study Planner Journal and Brainstorming Templates

  • Decide on topic(s) of interest
  • Brainstorm together (using NatureGlo’s Unit Study Planner Brainstorming Template pictured above right): books, activities, movies, shows, field trips, and materials.
  • Set dates to begin (Tip: I suggest having a soft ending date since children’s interests and wax or wane per topic)

Step #3 — Work Together as a Team

  • Share unit study research and implementation responsibilities together as a family — 1 responsibility per family member
  • Research books, videos, urls, experiments, cooking, field trips.
  • Young children — help older siblings and parents; ex: carrying materials and helping stock the learning center.

Watch the video about this post at:



I see a lot of homeschool parents and teachers making the mistake of choosing a unit study topic based off of THEIR OWN adult interests without getting any buy in or feedback from the children. That is a huge mistake and the #1 reason a homeschool unit study can and will flop. The child’s interests are the starting place for any successful unit study.



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Gloria Brooks

Gloria Brooks

I help homeschool parents and teachers reform education by transitioning to nature-based student centered education with math and natural science courses.